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Happy new year from AE! We already have 2 releases away in manufacturing already and hopefully some news on a possible release date of the next one maybe early February 2022 so keep checking back for updates. Prior to having the next one ready we have pulled out a couple spares of some test presses.

We added a couple 12" and LP tests to the shop page a little while ago and have just added a couple spare tests from 7" releases so please check them out for some nice rare versions of our releases. We have 2 spare tests of the latest release from Chrome+ plus a couple of the superb Sifu Hotman 7" featuring the b-boy ready Mr Fantastic Remix on the flip, the Junior Disprol and Mr Rumage Invasion 7" plus only 1 copy of of the Dillon & Paten Locke Rap Safari J-Zone Remix 7" featuring Phill Most Chill & J-Live so don't hesitate if you need that one.

As with all of our test pressings they are supplied in our AE company sleeves with bespoke sticker and come with one sheet. With the exception of the Sifu Hotman and Invasion 7"s they are all rubber stamped labels also.

As well as the handful of spare 7" tests we have dug out we decided to let go of 10 copies of the Jorun PMC album sampler EP to create some storage space. Originally we decided that we could sell 30 copies of the sampler to help with project costs but in the end we only got around to selling 17. We have a spare carton so have decided that we can get another 10 out there for anyone wanting a nice Jorun Bombay and Phill Most Chill collectors piece. This will be the last 10 ever available though so do not wait if you fancy one of those. It features clean version of 4 tracks, Jorun's amazing DJ track 'Funky Fresh for '83 plus the non-LP b-side from the now sold out Stay Back 7" - Sammy Davis, the only place to get this track on 33rpm.

We appreciate that times are hard and these are non-essential kinds of records for most people. All orders are of course highly appreciated but especially this kind as it provides us with a little additional income to help with running AE. We know that the geeks out there like a rarity so we are happy to be able to oblige. We like to make the test press presentation as good as possible not only so that our artists get something very cool but also so that any sold offer an extra level of detail that most other labels do not bother with for the collectors.

Thanks for the orders throughout 2021 - more great stuff coming in 2022!

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