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Dillon & Tom Caruana Russshhh!!! 7" Update

Thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered and been very patiently waiting and bearing with us while we wait on repressing the faulty copies. The initial batch were pressed using rejected stampers that had been recut and approved. When the 2nd batch arrived we discovered that they were badly dish warped - around 50% of which has a warp of around 3mm so we rejected the 2nd batch and are currently waiting on the 3rd batch to arrive.

This afternoon (26/04/23) we had an email with an invoice for the 3rd batch so looks like we could have the records early next week as this normally happens when we recieve the invoice. We will keep the updates coming and will start shipping the day after delivery assuming that it will be 3rd time lucky with this one.

Hopefully we can get this one out and quickly have the next one as the next 2 releases are already in the manufacturing process with tests approved.

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