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S.O.E Limited Edition Extra Ammo EP nearly gone!

We are down to the very last copy of the S.O.E - 6 Before Breakfast EP Extra Ammo edition which includes a bonus disc of the Instrumentals. This was pressed as a show tool and bonus for some of the promo copies but due to the costs involved it made sense getting some additional copies which enabled a limited edition of only 50 hand numbered copies for those that like to have the instrumentals. As this was a more expensive option almost doubling the price of the EP it was not for everyone but we are finally down to our very last copy! If you think you need this one for the instrumentals don't hesitate but do not worry as we still have stock of the regular version of the EP plus a handful of the cassette edition if that is your cup of tea..

The main EP disc is exactly the same as the standard version pressed on marbled camouflage colour vinyl.

Bonus disc catalogue number AE023 features all fully instrumental versions of the EP with the vocals, back up vocal and scratches removed and is a black vinyl hand stamped white label. The sleeve has an additional sticker denoting the special version, catalogue number for the bonus disc plus is hand numbered.

S.O.E is Mr Fantastic on beats and turntables, Coherent of vocal with a guest verse each from Rola and Truck. The military themed metaphors act a great misdirection for the anti-war, anti corruption and anti wack MC themes throughout.

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