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Buck 65 & Jorun Bombay - Laundromat Boogie LP

Buck 65 & Jorun Bombay - Laundromat Boogie LP


Released on the superb Black Buffalo Records from Canada. About the album....


Originally released in the fall of 2014 as a lighter themed counter-balance to the dark and somber “Neverlove” album on Warner Bros. which was released on the same day. “Laundromat Boogie” became the critically acclaimed as the preferred choice between the two releases among die hard Buck 65 fans. The original theme “Laundry Day” was conceptualized by Jorun Bombay and pitched to Buck 65 as a solidified theme to write lyrics around. This was being worked on as “Neverlove” was to completion and was purposely focused on being a lighter and more fun theme to counter balance the dark mood of the “Neverlove” release. This is a completely independent and well timed experimental release.


We imported only 1 box of these so that UK buyers can grab this great release featuring Jorun Bombay without the crazy shipping costs. 


Pressed on black vinyl and in shrink wrap. 

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