The long awaited Jorun PMC album is now available for PRE-ORDER. Originally intended for release in 2019 we had some things impeding the release but we're please to say it finally happening. 

    The incredible cover artwork is by Dan Lish with sleeve design and layout by Mr Krum.

    Pressed on limited double light blue vinyl. 

    Note that 'Sammy Davis' and 'Count It Off' from the singles b-sides do not feature however we still have limited stock of those so grab one now while still available. Also, none of the tracks from the Magic Disco Machine EP appear but we are unfortunately sold out of that one and are not looking to repress it. 


    Track List:-

    A1 - Check Out This

    A2 - Stay Back (Keep Your Distance)

    A3 - Yum

    B1 - Jorun It (Live On Air)

    B2 - Lower Your Expectations

    B3 - Down With Jorun

    B4 - Funky Fresh For '83

    C1 - Rock The Party

    C2 - The Truth Is Forever (Feat. Jay Quan)

    C3 - MDM Freestyle (Live At Echo Park)

    D1 - Can't hang With Us

    D2 - Q.S

    D3 - Boom Box


    We're aiming for a mid-April release date but please check back for updates.