Paten Locke

July 19, 2019


Very sadly our brother the great Paten Locke has been diagnosed with cancer. In his own words....


Your old friend P Locke has stage 4 cancer littered throughout his body. But he ain’t scared he ain’t even trippin at all. I will not fight it til the end I will only live whatever I have left because my life has been grrrreat! I’m proud happy and blessed. And yes In pain. But my overall emotion is love. And maybe a lil regret at not being able to complete all the acts of love I still wished to give. But it doesn’t compare to the feeling of true joy at all the love my life has been filled with. You may want to holler at me. I still got them beats and rapps (cuts unfortunately are a bit too difficult in this physical state) and I’m still me. I would suggest sooner rather than later if so. Just give a shout if u want. I’m widdit!!!. Be kind to every soul you meet my human friends. Love is our best tool in life. And I’ll be watching. PEACE and love to the world and all its beauty


If you would like to make a donation please visit his Go Fund Me page, here:-


AE are donating all future profits from the Fabreeze Brothers - Heroes of the East 12" to his fund. We are down to the last carton of this 12" which will not get repressed and includes the Original tougher version of the beat plus the remix of Fashion Plate. Mr krum's stunning sleeve design which incorporates bespoke 'Fabreeeze Vision' 3D glasses and splatter vinyl colours to match the lenses in the glasses make it look like no other Hip Hop record out there. If you missed it grab it now knowing that the proceeds are going to help Paten and his family at this tough time. 


Love to Paten and our Full Plate fam. #planetlocke




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