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45 Day 2023 MIx

AE boss Mr Fantastic has done a new mix for the 2023 45 Day. Please check it out on his Mixcloud page, here:-

Our good friend Criztoz is curator of the 45 Day website and we've been talking recently about doing some more link ups including a special guest mixes outside of the usual annual 45 Day mixes so we'll keep the updates coming as more appears.

Please visit the website for an absolute ton of mixes and info about 45's. Celebrating 7" vinyl - May the 45 be with you! - Forty Five Day

Check it out as there are scores or world class DJ's introducing you to music you hadn't heard of yet so is a real wealth of 45 knowledge whether you're into new eidts, crusty old Funk, Reggae, etc... you'll find something you dig.

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