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Producer and remixer extraordinaire Jorun Bombay and digging legend Phill Most Chill are Jorun PMC. 


We first heard Jorun and Phill Together on 'Smash!' - the b-side to the Neva Stop Diggin' 7" on the great Diggers With Gratitude label.


The Magic Disco Machine EP name alone took us back to when Hip Hop was about having beats that destroyed the competition and rhymes that made other MC's look wack. The songs didn't disappoint in this regards either. Released in 2013 this quickly became a permanent fixture in record bags of working DJ's all over the world. 

Since then Jorun has been delivering a constant supply of funky beats on a variety of labels such as RTDT, Soundweight and DWG sister label Fresh Pressings. Phill is also half of The Fabreeze Brothers and a much in demand MC in his own right with a steadily growing catalogue of releases on a host of labels.

The long awaited Jorun PMC Album is available now.

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