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Paul Nice and Phill Most Chill first appeared on vinyl together on vinyl as The Fabreeze Brothers back in 2012 on the phenomenal Powerman & Iron Fist 12" released on Paul 's Sure Shot! label. The Pack Up Part 1 & 2 7" followed shortly after.

In 2014, ae signed The Fabreeze Brothers to release the album that was originally scheduled for release on Sure Shot! They turned in so many tracks that we immediately realised that we easily had enough for a double vinyl LP plus bonus tracks for singles. 

We released the No Other Than 12", Album sampler and Audobahn promo only 7" in 2014 and after some manufacturing issues released the acclaimed album in 2015. With it's incredible sound, eye catching red and yellow vinyl and ground breaking packaging thanks to Mr Krum it's huge success warranted a 2nd pressing which then came in a standard sleeve and on black vinyl. 

In 2016 we released the Instrumental Show Vinyl and 2017 followed up with the stunning Heroes of the East 12" with Mr Krum's incredible 3D sleeve design and included Paul's Original Version plus Fashion Plate Remix.

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