AE Co-founder Truck needs no introduction around here. As 1/4 of Beat Route 38, solo artist and member of Bristol Rap supergroup The Journeymen he's been a constant presence on AE vinyl plus supplied a guest verse on the S.O.E - 6 Before Breakfast EP along with personal solo projects such as Start The Bus. Truck has been a constant here at AE helping out with manufacturing behind the scenes. 

Back in 2012 we released the superb Able To Stable 7" produced by Rola (The Numskullz/Ruztik Records) backed with How That Sound? produced by Mr Fantastic. We just released a the new 3,665 7" featuring Phill Most Chill and produced by Sir Beans OBE which is taken from the forthcoming album Food For Thought - coming soon on ae with production by Truck, Mr Fantastic, Sir Beans OBE and the legendary Kutmasta Kurt. 

Truck can be found alongside Coherent (S.O.E/Journeymen) and Mr Fantastic performing tracks from S.O.E, Journeymen and individual solo projects.


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