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AE Co-founder Truck needs no introduction around here. As 1/4 of Beat Route 38, solo artist and member of Bristol Rap supergroup The Journeymen he's been a constant presence on AE vinyl plus supplied a guest verse on the S.O.E - 6 Before Breakfast EP along with personal solo projects such as Start The Bus. Truck has been a constant here at AE helping out with manufacturing behind the scenes. 

Back in 2012 we released the superb Able To Stable 7" produced by Rola (The Numskullz/Ruztik Records) backed with How That Sound? produced by Mr Fantastic. In 2019 we released the 3,665 7" featuring Phill Most Chill and produced by Sir Beans OBE which is taken from the album Food For Thought which we released in early 2020 with production by Truck, Mr Fantastic, Sir Beans OBE and the legendary Kutmasta Kurt. 

Truck can be found alongside Coherent (S.O.E/Journeymen) and Mr Fantastic performing tracks from S.O.E, Journeymen and individual solo projects.


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