MPC 2000XL Analogue Mixing Service


We now offer a mixing service unlike any other as far as we know - specializing in full analogue only mixing for MPC2000XL. AE boss Mr Fantastic uses an MPC 2000XL without the use of a DAW for production and does the entire mix using only analogue outboard equipment which is then recorded down to DAW as a recording device only to get the final mix into the digital domain. 

Mr Fantastic realised during a conversation with a friend about mixing using all analogue gear with an MPC that we are perfectly positioned to help others achieve a more professional mix than can be achieved without the experience and benefit of having good equipment to process the individual tracks for anyone wanting to improve the quality of their mix. It occurred to us that the only option anywhere is to book studio time and take an MPC with you - all at a cost charged per hour that is not justifiable to many of us. 

The MPC has the 8 output expansion card and therefore can split 8 tracks out across an analogue console and therefore through different dynamic and effects processors for each track. Over the years Mr Fantastic has accumulated everything needed to be self sufficient in terms mixing and only using outside engineers for final mastering and has the benefit of being an MPC 2000XL user for over 20 years so knows useful tricks such as utilizing the main stereo pair to increase the available outputs to 10 at final mixdown and also useful production techniques such as parallel processing. 

Mr Fantastic has invaluable experience with such things as which compressor works best with different sources to achieve the required result. We have available Vari-Mu, Valve (Tube), FET, VCA and Multiband compressor types along with other dynamic control such as the SPL Vitalizer and Transient Designer. On top of these on individual channels we have a bus compressor on the master output to tame any peaks and add the finishing touch on the group mix. The console features EQ, compressor, gate and high pass filter on every channel plus our external gear so we have practically any mixing situation covered.

Equipment list:-

Akai MPC 2000XL with 8 output expansion card

Soundcraft 328XD analogue/digital console

IGS Audio Panzer 500 Series Rack

Effects: TC Electronic, Lexicon and Alesis

Dynamics: Locomotive Audio, Elysia, TL Audio, TC Electronic, Klark Teknik, SPL

Equalizers: A Designs, SPL, DBX, Pope Audio 

Our only limitation for this service is that our MPC 2000XL uses either ZIP disc or 3" floppy - sorry memory card option is not available at this time so we would need a ZIP or floppy disc with the track arranged fully in song mode. For UK clients we can possibly arrange attended mixing where you can bring your own machine with you so this can be whatever you use so an SP1200, ASR, etc... that has individual analogue outputs. We can return discs but it would be wise to send us a copy just incase of any loss in the mail. 

Turnaround is around a week but could be quicker or longer depending on the work involved. We can do individual stems but this would be an additional cost and also take longer. Professional studio mixing fees are anywhere from a few hundred into the thousands if you want a top engineer to do your mix. We charge on a per song basis which varies depending on what you need but as an average would be around £50 and can give a discount for multiple song projects. We can also just run perhaps your drum track through one of our nicer compressors such as the Locomotive Audio Weight Tank Vari-Mu for you to snap back into your DAW project if you want to add just a little of the hardware flavour to your own mix.

This service does not provide you with a final professional master but the final mix that you would forward onto your mastering engineer of choice. We can however recommend our go to mastering service Khameleon Sounds in Bristol who can also handle additional vocal mixing when mastering. 

Please contact for more information or with any questions.