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S.O.E are Coherent on raps and Mr Fantastic on Beats and turntables. 

They dropped their debut EP 6 Before Breakfast back in 2016 and with it's no nonsense approach and military metaphor themed conception was never to going to appeal to the boring end of music by numbers boom bap purists that like a nice Soul sample and dull subject matter. No, S.O.E set out to make noise - something accomplished with the help of nice loud crashing drum breaks and dark sample sources. You'll find no female vocal hook with these guys - just straight up heavy beats, non-apologetic raps and razor sharp turntable skills for chorus parts. The title refers to the 1st Battalion Lancashire Fusilliers who in World War 1 won 6 VC's during the Gallipoli campaign but here S.O.E serve up a salvo of 6 songs before breakfast. 

The song Pincer Movement features a now rare vocal feature by Rola  and AE co-founder Truck who's solo album is coming along very soon. 

They are currently working on some more material and are aiming for another vinyl release before too long featuring new songs plus we have in the vaults 2 killer remixes from Bristol legends Rola and Sir Beans OBE which we're waiting to unleash on the unsuspecting record buying public. 

Check out the snippets of the EP on the audio page and if you want to sign up to the S.O.E army head over to the shop to purchase the vinyl which comes with download code.

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