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AE Productions was established in 1999 by Beat Route 38 (Truck, Gee Swift, Mr Fantastic & Dr Krome), Supreme Shar (of Def Defiance) and IDS. The intention was to set up a label that we would use to release our own records. Alien Earth – AE001 ep was a collective project to kick start the label and for us to gain the experience of manufacturing our own records.


Supreme Shar and IDS have since ceased working on music with intentions of release and while Dr Krome has retired from active music production still assists with the running of AE Productions where possible. Truck, Gee Swift and Mr Fantastic and are still working on music but not as Beat Route 38 for the moment. Gee Swift joined Rola (the Numskullz) and Coherent to form The Journeymen with Truck officially joining for the 3rd album, cuts supplied by Mr Fantastic when necessary, who have released music on the Numskullz owned Ruztik Records but have now signed to AE Productions for the 3rd album.


AE Productions had a brief hiatus from 2004 until 2009 when Mr Fantastic released his Harvey’s Bristol Cream album as a joint project between AE Productions and Ruztik Records. This allowed the various members to work on other projects, Gee Swift released some solo albums through Ruztik Records, Truck worked on self released Race The Bus project along with music for a Snowboarding DVD, Mr Fantastic took over handling turntables for Hundred Strong and Dr Krome supplied a myriad of cuts for the Ruztik Records catalogue. Since 2009 we have released a slew of vinyl from Truck, Phill Most Chill & Mr Fantastic, Jorun PMC, Jon Doe & DJ Jazz, Hosie, Paul Nice & Phill Most Chill (The Fabreeze Brothers), Sifu Hotman from Minnesota, NiLLa from Canada, Cut Beetlez from Finland featuring Soundsci (Oxygen, Audessey & U-George), The Aroma (DJ Rumage & Rola of The Numskullz) and Oxygen & Paul Nice.


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