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We are getting short of storage space at AE HQ and while having a tidy of the racks found that we still have a few test pressing copies of some of our releases.

We are going to list 2 batches - this first batch is of the spare 12" or LP test pressings as those are the racks that have been rearranged. We will shortly sort out the spare 7" tests and list those also as a 2nd batch including spare tests of upcoming releases so keep checking back for news of those.

There are varying amounts available between 1 and 4 copies so get in quickly if you fancy treating yourself to a rare variant. All are supplied in AE company sleeves with bespoke test pressing sticker, rubber stamped label and with info sheet.

Please do not contact to ask for other releases as we have only listed the available test pressings. Available are Emskee 12", Cut Beetlez LP, Truck LP, Oxygen LP and NiLLa LP.

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