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We are sorry to have to report that the Dillon & Tom Caruana 7" has been delayed so will not be shipping as planned first week of 2023. We waited to drop until we had shipping confirmation but unfortunately the records arrived with a pressing fault so we naturally had to reject them and send the whole pallet back to the pressing plant. We have been given a possible shipping date of late January/early February for the repress but said they will do as soon as they can fit them into the schedule as was their error. We will keep the pre-orders live now that it is posted but we will keep the updates coming.

With hopefully more positive news, AE048 - The Good People & Shar The Analogue Bastard - The Fall Back EP has also been shipped so as soon as we can access our delivery address after the xmas break we should have news of that one also but we are not going to do a pre-order just in case of anything like we suffered with AE047. We have been waiting over 18 months for this one thanks to the insane situation with pressing 12" releases which is hopefully now improving. More news as soon as we have it.

As soon as we are happy with AE048 we will commence with sale but also will be able to get the next couple releases in the schedule off to cut. For AE050 we have quite a special release from the vaults for the small milestone number of 50 - not a bad catalogue number for a properly independent UK Hip Hop label we think, plus into 2023 have some great stuff lined up featuring LP and EP releases that we were unable to run as the pressing plant wouldn't accept 12" orders until very recently. Expect more great releases from the current roster plus some new members of the AE family.

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