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New drop from the ace dudes over at Full Plate with restocks and new items on vinyl, cassette and CD copies.

We have the new 10th anniversary of Qwazaar & Bat Sauce - Bat Meets Blaine LP and the superb new Difference Machine - Unmasking The Spirit Fakers are the new releases but we also have restock of the amazing Dillon Ain't Playin' vinyl EP which sold out pretty quickly in our first drop.

For fans of Cassettes or CD's we have in stock the absolutely dope as hell Paten Locke Americancer and the Dillon & J57 - '83 Kids albums on cassette and CD plus we have a very limited stock of Dillon's Gardenstrumetnals 2 beat tape release and his killer Dillon Ain't Playin' EP.

Limited copies of each so don't delay if you need any of these great additions to the shop as they are in low stock at Full Plate so we may not be able to secure any more copies.

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