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We just had a huge drop of new releases and a few restocks from Canada's best Hip Hop label Black Buffalo so large that it fills our entire front page at the moment. We unfortunately cannot stock too many of each release due to costs and space so if you need any of these grab them with haste as we cannot guarantee that we are able to restock in future. Last check the Escape the Yard EP by Nord1kOne and El Da Sensei was unavailable on vinyl at Black Buffalo so we may have the last few copies. Restock of the Tachichi Gremmy Sip LP which sold out immediately in the last drop so we bagged a few more of those. We appear to have mainly the colour vinyl variants of these releases if that's your thing.

The whole pile is a veritable who's who of contemporary Canadian Hip Hip plus Black Buffalo distributes the private pressings from DJ Bacon so we managed to piggy back on that and grab a few of his latest 7"s of his party rocking edits.

Slide through the shop page and have a browse as there's some beauties in there - maybe not at the forefront of the British Hip hop buyer but great stuff so we hope you dig them.

Black Buffalo also stocks AE releases so for customers in Canada or the US check out for cheaper shipping for AE releases.

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