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We have just received a large box from our partna's Threshold Recordings and have some new items, restocks and new editions.

New releases:-

FNKPMPN (Del The Funky Homosapien & Kool Keith) - Subatomic LP on vinyl and cassette

Masters Of Illusion - Bay Bronx Bridge 7" black vinyl and AE exclusive very limited pink vinyl

New Editions:-

Ultra (Kool Keith & Tim Dog) - Big Time LP Anniversary black vinyl - limited to 150 copies

Ultra (Kool Keith & Tim Dog) - Big Time LP silver vinyl with magnet - limited to 50 copies


Motion Man, Tank Gawd (Kutmasta Kurt & Moka Only), Beyond Comprehension, Skool Yard, Dr Dooom 2 glow in the dark vinyl, Dr Dooom FCFS colour vinyl, Masters Of Illusion colour vinyl, DJ Create feat Masta Ace 7", World-N-San 12" and LP, Project Polaroid 12" and Kutmasta Kurt Unreleased Remixes EP.

Plus we have some copies of CD's and cassettes from the artist above including the classic Kool Keith Mathew album sealed OG's.

Most interesting of the new box is an AE exclusive edition of the new 7" issue of the Masters Of Illusion Bay-Bronx Bridge single pressing on pink vinyl. Only 5 copies were manufactured and Threshold kindly sent them to AE as an exclusive release. Of the 5 copies AE boss Mr Fantastic has one, Threshold kept 1 leaving only 3 for sale so lightning trigger fingers are required to ensure a copy of this one.

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