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The Jorun PMC 'album text ' t-shirts and LP + t-shirt bundle options are only available until 10th April 2020 as then we will be placing the order with the printer. This t-shirt design is to be released with the album only and is not going to have a reprint so if you need one of those please order in the next couple days to avoid disappointment. The LP, CD and cassette will still be available so don't panic if you only need one of those.

Pressing update: we heard from the pressing plant to say that they see no reason at all that the shipping date will be affected by the current covid 19 measures so as long as nothing changes by then we should still be good to meet the release date of 24th April. Any changes to this from the plant and we will keep you updated here and on social media.

Please email us on with any questions.

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