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2020 was a terrible year which saw destruction of the live music industry as part of the closure of live venues, bars and clubs - many that have closed permanently causing millions of job losses. In such difficult time for many people we wanted to give something back to our loyal supporters who have rolled with us for many years and we found the perfect thing to release so that those who may be struggling can have some new music completely free.

Please visit our Bandcamp page for a totally free download. Vocal version and Instrumental are available and we have disabled the 'let fans pay' option so that fans do not feel guilted into paying us.

The beat didn't start out as a remix but while working on it during lock down Mr Fantastic realised that it was 90 bpm - exactly the same as Ready For Combat. Thinking that it might suit Coherent he synced up the vocal to hear his voice on the beat and it fitted perfectly! A rough mix was played to Coherent who said that he preferred it to the original EP version. It was then rearranged to fit the Ready For Combat structure and sent to Rola at Khameleon Sounds to be mixed using the original vocal recording and mastered.

The incredible funk infused drums that were sampled for this remix are from a superb drum library record by Simon Allen called Simon Plays, released on the excellent King Underground label. If you're into drums and/or sampling we highly recommend this album along with the other great releases from KU. 'Drum Break 2' was used and the impeccably well timed way it was played on the record made it very easy for Mr Fantastic to chop into a perfect bedrock for the beat. We reached out to KU and informed them of the sample use and the plan for the free download and they very kindly gave us permission for the sample use with no fee so it is thanks to the generosity of King Underground and Simon Allen this is able to be a free download. Check it out here:- Simon Plays | Simon Allen (

The artwork is an unused sketch from Stilts from when he was working on ideas for the 6 Before Breakfast EP. It shows a stick of paratroopers about to disembark from their aircraft tooled up with boomboxes in keeping with the overall S.O.E theme of the weapons being Hip Hop or music related, i.e. crates of records, cassettes, spray cans, boomboxes, etc... Essential weapons used against our enemies - mumble rappers and wack DJ's, along with corrupt politicians that send young men off to war to kill each other for their own agendas.


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