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New stock added from Black Buffalo and Full Plate

Slight late to update these few releases here but we have finally got around to adding a few cracking 7" releases from Full Plate and Black Buffalo - all highly recommended.

Jorun Bombay - Celebration is in the Heart / Concrete Jungel Groove 7" (BLack Buffalo)

Jorun Bombay - N.B.T.B / Fliplights 7" (Black Buffalo)

Jorun Bombay - Peas In An Alternate Universe 7" (Black Buffalo)

Paten Locke - One Time /Two Times 7" (Full Plate)

Due to the problems trying to get vinyl pressed at the moment we currently have the next 4 releases away at the plant so that we can try to ride out the delays and keep the releases coming in some form of order. We are unable to place orders for 12" releases - 12", LP or EP until 2022 due to Covid regulations at the plant, but are able to order 7"s for now so have pulled forward the next 4 7" projects we have ready and then we'll carry on with the next LP releases as soon as we can place the orders.

We're hoping that the next release will be late July 2021 but we are not releasing pre-orders for fear of delays. The sleeves and promo stickers are already printed ready for the arrival of the vinyl so keep checking back for updates.

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