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We just took delivery of a new drop from Threshold Recordings including some as new stock copies of some Threshold staples such as Motion Man's Pablito's Way album and Project Polaroid 12" plus some anniversary edition copies of Masters Of Illusion. Dr Dooom, Kool Keith plus we managed to get a couple more copies of KutMasta Kurt's white only unreleased remixes EP and a couple of the superb Red, Black and Green Annihilation of a nation EP on Rapid Fire Recordings. Mo idea how many more of those we can get in future so don't hesitate of you need either of those 2.

If you need any of the following please visit the shop to order:-

Masters Of Illusion album - colour vinyl 20th anniversary edition

Dr Dooom 2 - glow in the dark vinyl anniversary edition

Dr Dooom - First Come First Served - colour vinyl anniversary edition

Kool Keith - Sex Style - picture disc album

Kool Keith - Sex Style 25th anniversary silver shell cassette

Kool Keith & KutMasta Kurt - Your Mom Is My Wife EP

Motion Man - Hold Up (feat. Biz Markie)- 12"

Motion Man - Pablito's Way LP

KutMasta Kurt unreleased remixes white label EP

Skhool Yard - Cigar Splittas 12"

Project Polaroid - Digital Engineering 12"

World-N-San - Tit 4 Tat 12"

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