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We have had a restock from our good friend Kutmasta Kurt and have copies of the new Kutmasta Kurt Remixes cassette which features some superb remixes of some classic cuts - limited edition of 100 copies only on cassette.

Also, brand new green and orange colour vinyl Dr. Dooom - First Come First Served and a glow in the dark vinyl Dr. Dooom 2.

We have also some back catalogue which we are yet to add here but are up on our discogs page - search for user fanta75.

We have also just taken delivery of test pressings for AE042 and has been approved for manufacture so more news on that soon.

Jorun Bombay and Phill Most Chill's Jorun PMC album black vinyl repress is shipping direct in advance of distribution copies but if you prefer to get from your local store those will be going out as soon as we get numbers from the distributor so hold tight.

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