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Cut Beetlez - What Beetlez? LP
  • Cut Beetlez - What Beetlez? LP


    Cut Beetlez - What Beetlez? Yellow Vinyl LP


    The Cut Beetlez dropped their debut single 'Droppin' Needles' on AE Productions back in 2017. Since then they have been beavering away at tracks for this album plus dropping the Cut People EP on Fabyl Recordings alongside the illustrious Good People - who feature heavily here also alongside some stellar MC's who we're sure need no introduction.


    Track list:-


    1. Sucka Duck (feat. The Good People)

    2. Rollin' With Guilty (feat. Guilty Simpson)

    3. React (feat. Rah Digga)

    4. Fat Beetlez

    5. El Number 1 (feat. El Da Sensei)

    6. Good to You (feat. The Good People)

    7. Now Rockin' (feat. J-Live)


    1. MF Beetlez

    2. Never Negative (feat. The Goog People)

    3. The Piano Song (feat. Oxygen)

    4. Jump Outta Speakers (feat. El Da Sensei)

    5. Bars (feat. Reks)

    6. Good Matafakas (feat. The Good People)

    7. Droppin' Needles (feat. Soundsci)

    8. What Beetlez? (feat. Truck and Retna)


    Artwork by Mr Krum



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