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Buy 4 7"s and get 1 FREE!

Very limited availalbility spare rejected test pressing of the new Dillon & Tom Caruana  7" 

The audio on the test pressing wasn't quite as intended as there was some reverb missing from the scratches on Russshhh!!! caused by a fault with the Pro Tools session loosing the plugin so these were recut with the reverb put back in however, the actual cut is totally fine. We only had 5 of the recut tests which were given to everyone that worked on this record so the only spares are from the initial rejected tests. We were in 2 minds as to whether anyone would want a rejected copy but eventually decied that the rarity of the fault may outweigh the fault with the audio and become a nice future collectors piece perhaps plus we know a few of our customers like a test press copy. 


Side A: Russshhh!!! *

Side B: Let's Go Back


Raps by Dillon of the Full Plate Family - 2nd outing on AE from Dillon after our release of the amazing J-Zone remix of the Rap Safari 7"

Production by Tom Caruana - producer and mutli-instrumentalist who produced the incredible Oxygen Age Appropriate album, one of AE's most popular releases

* Turntables by AE label boss Mr Fantastic 


Supplied in generic AE sleeve with bespoke test press sticker, info sheet describing the fault and hand stamped label. 


Released in conjunction with Full Plate and Tea Sea Records. 


Design by Mr Krum

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