• Truck (feat. Phill Most Chill) - 3,665 7"

    Truck (featuring Phill Most Chill) - 3,665

    Original AE founder Truck returns with a face melter produced by Sir Beans OBE and featuring Phill Most Chill. The version here is the radio edit from the forthcoming album with the 1 curse word silenced. 3,665 refers to the distance from Truck's address to Phill's address.
    On the flip is a raw version of another LP cut which takes this one back to hard rhymes on a funky groove, this time produced by Mr Fantastic.
    • Details

      Side 1: 3,665 (feat. Phill Most Chill) (radio edit)
      Produced by Sir Beans OBE

      Side 2: Right Or Wrong (Raw Skeleton Version)
      Produced by Mr Fantastic

      Turntables by Mr Fantastic.
      Artwork by Mr Krum.