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We now have in stock the superb Dillon Ain't Playin' EP fresh from our Full Plate extended family. Originally released on Cassette and CD only it finally has a vinyl issue and features production by the legendary Diamond D, Paten Locke (RIP), Batsauce, Anthony Accurate, Willie Evans Jr. and Supa Dave West.

Specially imported to the UK be AE so that we can help get Full Plate releases out in the UK without everyone paying the extortionate shipping costs and in the same box have restocked a few copies of the excellent Dillon & Diamond Black Tie Affair EP and Dillon's Tails of Lobsterdamus LP although limited quantity of each so don't hang around if you need those. Full Plate stickers sent with each order. Check the stock for more Full Plate items such as the latest LP's from Batsauce, Dillon & Paten Locke - Studies in Hunger LP, Dillon & Batsauce On Their Way LP and we have 1 or 2 of the Clean Plate Club beat tapes - cassette only for those.

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