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The Jorun PMC album suffered a short delay reaching us from the pressing plant but as of Wednesday 29th April we have been posting out orders as many as can be carried per day with sometimes multiple trips to the post office and we're still getting there with pre-orders so please bear with us while we're ploughing through them all.

Thanks very much to everyone that ordered at this difficult time for many of us. We're unsure how the world's post services are each affected but so far it seems that the UK post at least is working OK.

Both Jorun and Phill have exclusive items on their respective Bandcamp pages - Jorun has a megamix edited by 'The Azorean Rascals' - which as you can expect is absolute fire! Visit Jorun's page here:

Phill has a bonus track called PMC Fresh Fresh Fresh, which as you can expect is Fresh!!! Check Phill's page here:

Please visit Jorun or Phill's Bandcamp pages for all Jorun PMC digital releases as AE doesn't host them as there's no need for 3 Bandcamp pages of the same. Incidentally Jorun has his incredible collection of edits and remixes and Phill has just issued all 3 of his Baritone Tiplover Incredible Stories albums which are all released on vinyl through our homies Diggers With Gratitude.

Stay tuned for more coming from AE just as soon as this lock down eases up and let's us continue manufacturing. We currently working out yet more vinyl releases so we're aiming to keep them coming throughout 2020.

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