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AE039 'Mac McRaw - 60 Raw Ones' is now available to order with immediate shipping.

Cassette and download only for this one in keeping with traditional beat tape projects.

60 minutes of 60 beats straight out of the EMU Systems SP1200 for all those that like that 12 bit grit! In association with Cold Rock Stuff (Mac McRaw and Mr Krum) AE presents our first Beat Tape release. Edition of 100 copies manufactured.

Long time friend of AE Mac McRaw needs no introduction to most but for anyone wanting to know a little more about Mac McRaw here's a brief history:-

Mac McRaw Bullet Point Bio –

- 1984 -  B-Boy.

- 1986 – Started Hip Hop DJ’ing.

- 1990 -  Produced the South Coasts first Hip Hop 12” in –

Severe Carnage ‎– The Struggle Continues / Back To Basics. The 12” has been in the top ten most expensive UK Hip Hop 12”s for the last ten years. The most recent sold on Discogs for £450.

- 1993 - Introduced to the Emu SP1200 while living in Oakland, California – Learnt on Del The Funky Homosapian’s SP1200 whilst he was on tour in Europe.

- 1993 – Returned to the UK & acquired first SP1200.

- 2000 – Started Puma Strut records – One of the first labels to start releasing Hip Hop exclusively on 7”.

- 2010 – Started Vinyl Veterans DJ crew including DJ Format, Oxygen, Daily Diggers, Soundsci, Rob Life & more.

- 2012 – Started Cold Rock Stuff Records with Hip Hop artwork supremo & digger Mr Krum.

Mr Krum has brilliantly rendered the cassette in EMU Systems colours including matching the shell colour to the original Sp1200 case colour, which comes packaged in a nice 4 panel fold out J Card. Supplied with each copy is a sticker which has a unique download code printed on the backing so you can download and rock this release for use with modern playback means while having the cassette for your boombox.

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