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NEW J & MO 7" feat. G ROC GAYLE

First drop of 2022 is a lead off 7" from J & Mo - otherwise known as J-Man (of Cut Beetlez) and DJ Mo Money, titled Rhymes Be Bomb - a funky piano driven head nodder featuring G Roc Gayle (of The Vibe Drops/Piece Of Mind). Value for your hard earned money is always important to us so on the flip is a non-lp instrumental cut 'Pelottaa' which is Finnish for frightened and features J-Man's fellow Cut Beetle HP Lovescratch on beatbox. The album features some instrumental songs and this is a flavour of what can be expected.

Available from the the store right away with immediate shipping - no more pre-orders from us unless absolutely necessary as we're tired of manufacturing delays due to various factors which then lets down our customers. Official distribution release date is 11th March so you can grab it a week early from us direct.

The amazing sleeve design from Mr Krum recreates an old WW2 ear board game but replaces the bombs with microphones - something that the world needs more of as war is failure of politicians.

Audio clip is up on the audio page. Digital release to follow on official release date.

In relation to this one we still have a small and continuously dwindling stock of the superb Cut Beetlez album and Droppin' Needles 12" featuring Soundsci which are both not to be repressed once sold out.

More great stuff coming so stay tuned.....

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