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New Whirlwind D - M.D.M 7" Single

We have a new release from our long time collaborator Whirlwind D. This was scheduled to drop after the Jorun PMC album in a few weeks but it arrived from the plant earlier than expected.

M.D.M is a scathing assessment of the media and produced by regular Whirlwind D beatsmith Djar One and featuring cuts by B-Line Recordings boss Specifik. The flipside is a new remix of Time Waits For No Man again by Djar One. Audio is available from the Whirlwind D soundcloud page:

The covid 19 measures mean that we cannot collect the stock from Whirlwind D so we decided that as he handled the manufacturing all orders will be shipped from Whirlwind D himself. As such the record is not available from our shop page here but if interested please contact Whirlwind D direct on and he will reply with purchasing instructions. If any copies are still available when the covid 19 restrictions are lifted we will then have copies to order here.

More news on the Jorun PMC album soon - hopefully shipping April 20th onwards as long as covid 19 doesn't add any delays which according to the pressing plant we do not expect. Stay safe everyone!

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