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ChromePlus - Off Planet Vinyl
  • ChromePlus - Off Planet Vinyl


    Superb new release from ChromePlus - comprised of Chrome (of Def Tex fame) alongside Super JB, Tom Hanna and Phil Critten.

    This is a Hip Hop album unlike most others - live bass and guitar but with sampled drums keeping that dynamic Hip Hop breaks feel but with more depth. 


    Side A:

    1. Gone Is The Day    
    2. Off Planet Radio
    3. Fantastic (co-produced by Mr Fantastic)
    4. Popcorn (JB Remix)
    5. Hole In My Pocket
    6. Formulate
    7. Pieces Will Align
    8. Reverberate


    Side B:

    1. Land Of The Lost

    2. Gamma Ray
    3. Be There
    4. Is There Anybody Out There?
    5. Soap Box
    6. Outpost 96
    7. Go! (Chrome Plus vs Rockid Sound Machine)


    Mixed and mastered by Super JB

    Artwork by Lucy Alice Winter

    Sleeve design by Ian Taylor

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