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Dillon & Batsauce - On Their Way LP
  • Dillon & Batsauce - On Their Way LP


    Pressed on Blue Vinyl and includes free download card.




    1. Where Are We Going (Intro)

    2. You Should Be Dancing (Not Me)

    3. Nothing I Can Do

    4. City Lights (feat. Quazaar)

    5. On Their Way

    6. Penmanship (feat. Count Bass D)

    7. Beautiful Mistakes

    8. Magma Mouth (feat. Paten Locke)


    1. Keep Pushin (feat. Sadat X)

    2. Splash

    3. Come On (feat. Greg Nice)

    4. Ours (feat. Supa Dave West & Willie Evans Jr.)

    5. Momma Talks pt. 2

    6. I Remember

    7. Are We There Yet (Outro)


    For audio please visit the Full Plate Bandcamp page, here:

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