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    Emskee - 'Wall To Wall' b/w 'Supernatural Force' 12"


    New York legend Emskee delivers a perfect pair of headnodding tracks for his first solo release on AE, having already appeared on a few AE projects. He featured heavily on the Cut Beetlez album in 2020 and also on the Oxygen album in 2019. We all love 45's but Hip Hop really lives on 12" black vinyl with full compliment of track versions, which is the format of choice here as both tracks are slightly long for a 45, which decreases available cut volume - plus we still need a new 12" occasionally, right fellow vinyl geeks?!


    Both tracks produced by Mr Fantastic but turntable duties are split 50/50 on this one between Emskee and Mr Fantastic. For those than aren't aware - Emskee is a DJ foremost, and provided the cuts for the main track Wall To Wall while Mr Fantastic handled the cuts for Supernatural Force. The full sleeve artwork exudes class with a huge nod to the style of Blue Note Records at their peak.


    Track list:-

    Side A:

    1. Wall To Wall (Main Version)

    2. Wall To Wall (Radio Edit)

    3. Wall To Wall (Instrumental)

    Side B:

    1. Supernatural Force (Main Version)

    2. Supernatural Force (Radio Edit)

    3. Supernatural Force (Instrumental)


    Vocal mix and mastering by Rola at Khameleon Sounds.

    Sleeve artwork by Nick Pointon at Fine Print. 



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