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OXYGEN - Age Appropriate Limited CASSETTE
  • OXYGEN - Age Appropriate Limited CASSETTE


    Oxygen - Age Appropriate Limited CASSETTE

    The long awaited album by Oxygen is here.

    Produced entirely by Tom Caruana - one of the most prevalent remixers out there today in our opinion with his continual stream of releases. Even a the few titles here that you may recognise from previous Oxygen single releases are brand new versions. 




    1. Victory At Last

    2. Actual Fact (ft. Apani)

    3. Guillotine 16's (ft. Emskee, Dr Becket & Jesus Mason)

    4. 7 Year Itch *

    5. Do Your Homework

    6. Angles (ft. Jesus Mason & Jack Jones)

    7. Daily Grind

    8. Circles


    1. For U (ft. U-George)

    2. The Process (ft. Emskee & Dr Becket)

    3. 33.3

    4. Code Red *

    5. Seven Windows (ft. BusCrates)

    6. Angles - Remix 

    7. Daily Grind - Remix

    8. Circles - Remix


    B6, B7 & B8 are cassette only bonus tracks 


    Turntables by DJ Presyce except * by Jazz Spastiks

    Art direction & design by Mr Krum. 

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