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TRUCK - Food For Thought LP
  • TRUCK - Food For Thought LP


    Brand new from ae co-founder Truck - Food For Thought LP following his 3,665 7" which dropped late 2018 and includes the main versions of both tracks featured. 

    Features production by ae stalwarts Truck, Mr Fantastic, Sir Beans OBE plus the legendary Kutmasta Kurt from Threshold Records and producer of some of Indy Hip Hop's most iconic records and the first time he's worked with a British MC.


    8 full tracks on a late 80's legnth LP with none of the filer tracks or interludes that have been prevelent in later years - you know what we're talking about!


    Alphabet spaghetti word search sleeve concept and design by Mr Krum.


    Check the Audio page for LP snippet promo sampler 




    1. Right Or Wrong?

    2. Manic Anti-Mannequin (feat. Rola)

    3. 3,665 (feat. Phill Most Chill)

    4. Elevator


    1. Serve A Sukka (feat. Gee Swift & Paten Locke) *

    2. Cook 'Em

    3. Solice (feat. Coherent & Whirlwind D)

    4. Morph (feat. Tha Cheese & Taka Highsnow) **


    Turntables by Mr Fantastic except * additional cuts by Paten Locke, ** by Tha Cheese

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