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Thanks to the ongoing covid restrictions at the pressing plant the pressing times are still hit and miss which has slightly ruined our schedule but at least we have the records now after a long wait. We attempted to order the last 4 releases a month appart each so as to spread tham across 2021 but as it happened we received all 4 within a couple weeks of each other. A slight benefit is that we were able to list for sale in pairs so that anyone buying both would save on shipping costs.

The final 2 releases of 2021 are as follow:-

AE044 - Sir Beans OBE - Part Of It feat. Kelz (of the legendary 3PM - the first Bristol crew to release Hip Hop on vinyl)/ DEF = Defeat Evil Fools feat. Zaeb Dust (of Enjinz), Blaktrix (Ruztik Records) and Medusa (Project Blowed).

AE045 - Chrome+ - Popcorn (projeced by Djar One)/Pieces Will Align (produced by Stevie Ebola).

Audio links coming soon but anyone familiar with Sir Beans and Chrome will know what to expect.

Immediate shipping - no pre-order! Direct orders from AE shipping now early of the official distribution release date.

All of the last 4 7" releases were effectively pulled forward by a few catalogue numbers due to the pressing plant npt accepting 12" orders until 2022. Therefore the next few orders will be the EP releases that were originallty scheduled for early 2021 from The Good People and Dragon Fli Empire.

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