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2021 45's Bundle

Happy new year!

Lots of great stuff planned for 2024 but before we get into it we have created a bundle deal for the 45's that AE released in 2021. These were our only option for releases back in 2021 as pressing plants in general were not accepting orders at all however, our plant was ok for 7"s but not allowing 12" or LP orders due to the long term effects of lockdown. At the time we were lucky to be able to press anything at all but we managed to pull some singles forward and juggle the schedule so as to minimise the impact of the delays in manufacturing.

The total for all 4 together (at £8.99 each) and not including shipping would normally be £35.96 but we have discounted the bundle down to £30 for all 4 (while stocks last of each release), plus shipping. Hopefully this will help ease the ever increasing costs of everything for our customers.

The 4 releases are a nice bunch together with a variety of style and offer British, US and Canadian artists plus some that had not had a release on AE until then. If you missed these the bundle offers a nice way to fill the gaps in your collection. Each are supplied in full colour heavy card sleeves as is standard for AE releases.

2024 has a busy schedule with the first release of the year off to cut in January so updates coming soon on some dope projects. 2024 is the 25th year for AE so we have a nice project to celebrate almost ready to go.

Thanks for the support so far to all our highly valued customers!

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