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Mr Fantastic - Don't Worry feat. J. Todd is now live in the shop.

This one was originally recorded for High Noon Music but for some reason remained in the vaults since recording back around 2012. For AE050 we wanted to do something a bit more special than just the next in line so we spoke to High Noon and they kindly gave back the song for AE to release.

We dug out some old pictures taken around the time to have them in keeping with the age of the track and Nick Pointon came up with a punchy sleeve design. We also cut using the original masters from Rola made back then so as to keep the track as intended.

This was delayed due to around a 3rd of the batch being pressed off centre but due to those had to be repressed so we managed to get the pressing plant to do the new press on white vinyl so for this one we have 100 white copies exclusive to as well as the standard black vinyl pressing available here also but distro copies are all black vinyl.

Audio is on the Audio page as usual.

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