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Emskee - Wall To Wall 12" delayed

Unfortunately the Emskee Wall To Wall 12" has suffered a delay at the pressing plant as they are struggling to keep up with orders during covid operating restrictions. We are now expecting the 12" to ship on 19th February but we'll keep the updates coming.

The digital release was already set to go for today so will be appearing on Spotify, iTunes, etc... any day now and in keeping with this we have released the digital version on our bandcamp page, here:-

We're forging ahead in spite of the global situation and have already sent to cut the next project which is a 7" and also ordered a repress of the currently out of stock Jorun PMC album with a subtle difference to the first press so keep checking back for more news on those. We are then hoping to get a release done at least every 2 months and possibly run 2 together to plough through the things we have in the pipeline.

Thanks for your patience with the Emskee 12".

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