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We sold out of the 1st pressing of Jorun Bombay and Phill Most Chill's Jorun PMC album very quickly and have been regularly asked for more so here we are.

2nd Pressing on black vinyl this time so that there is a difference to the first pressing plus we know some dudes prefer black vinyl over colour anyway. We also have a 2nd limited run of 100 copies of the CD - this time with a turquoise inner sleeve so that again there is a subtle difference to the 1st run.

To note the 2nd pressing vinyl we have added a hype sticker so that any sealed copies are distinguishable from 1st press colour vinyl.

Shipping immediately - no pre-orders to worry about.

Plenty more coming from AE but pressing times are killing us at the moment. Keep checking back for updates or follow Mr Fantastic on Instagram.

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