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We have just added a bundle option to purchase the amazing Jorun Bombay and Phill Most Chill - Jorun PMC album with the Check Out This 12" for £25.99 - a saving of £3.99 for the 2 items. Things are getting a lot more expensive with regards to purchasing music physically and by no means only due to increased production costs which are not as bad as certain labels will have you believe with their 'costs tripling' stories, this is an outright lie. increases are real but in pennies per item in most cases not double or triple the costs for the whole package.

Some labels - mainly majors as we're sure you are not surprised, and larger indies (those funded by majors on the quiet and the like) are selling single vinyl LP's for upwards of £30 which is just greed or in our opinion. If you look at standard black single vinyl from a major label at that price and then look at our £19.99 for the Jorun PMC album on double vinyl and with hype sticker in shrink wrap and we would still make a little profit you can see where the majors are gradually falsely pushing the resale value to extremes while jumping on the vinyl revolution. They are pressing in higher numbers so manufacturing costs are cheaper than we get so cheaper production costs but more expensive to buy from companies already turning over billions. This is leading shops pricing indie releases the same as they can get away with it which is making things too expensive for the customer and we think that is wrong and is crippling the industry which is already only just keeping going with the world recovering from lockdowns and forcing the buyers to pay too much. £15 for a new 7" is just insanity as far as we're concerned and represses at that a lot of the time which as the songs already exist already have zero recording costs.

Things are very tough for many right now with ever increasing taxes and living costs so we are working on some bundle options to help our customers plus this helps create some stock space at AE HQ in readiness for the next releases so is ok for us. The first new bundle is the Jorun PMC as makes for a tidy package of 2 x 12" releases by the same artist as we already have with the Cut Beetlez LP and 12" option. The Check Out This 12" has the non-lp cut Count It Off so is a vital piece for fans of Jorun Bombay and Phill Most Chill. We are unfortunately sold out of the Stay Back 7" and that is out of print. If you are still interested in the non-LP B-side Sammy Davis that cut appears on the LP sampler in original explicit version of which we have a handful of spares available in the shop but that one isn't as cheap we're afraid. In fact that is the only place to get Sammy Davis on 33rpm, the reason it is included there.

More releases coming soon so stay tuned!

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