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We are getting very short of available space at AE HQ so to help create space and shift a few more copies of a few of the older releases we have dropped the price.

The S.O.E - 6 Before breakfast EP is now only £6 for vinyl and £5 for the cassette plus we have only 3 copies of the special edition 'Extra Ammo' version with bonus Instrumental disc down to £10 - limited to only 50. The Journeymen Four Corners LP is now only £8. Both come with unique digital download code printed on full colour insert.

As both of these are our own releases as opposed to us releasing other artists, we were able to decide to reduce them as we do not pay ourselves for these releases as such - the money just goes back into the costs of producing the the records and as such we can decide to forego a lot of the eventual profits of these releases in lieu of required space.

Both are great Bristol based releases so if you have yet to discover them now is a great time with the lower price. S.O.E is AE boss Mr Fantastic and Coherent with a guest verse each from Truck and Rola full of tough drums, deep grooves and anti-war/anti-corruption themes. The Journeymen are Gee Swift, Coherent, Truck, Rola and Mr Fantastic on turntables. Slick production by Rola throughout with 1 from Gee Swift and the only outside help production from Baileys Brown for 1 track gives a base for a variety of arrangements of the available MC's to get loose.

As you can probably guess, the space we are trying to generate with these price reductions is due to impending releases so please watch this space.


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